7 Quick Takes- Zoo Day, Best Onsie Ever, Rest Area Crisis, and an Enchanted Anniversary

Whoot!  Whoot!  I got my post done in time!  Between teething and potty training, I’m starting to dream about a blogging vacation…lol  Happy Friday :)

 — 1 —

Tackling the Zoo With Two Under Two

My husband and I tackled the zoo with two under two and had a  wonderful time.  Doodle Bug at 6.5 months of age just couldn’t observe it all quickly enough and then took a nap.  No fuss!  Our just shy of two, Ladybug was all about the animals.  She had a blast.  Daddy showed our little Ladybug the giraffes – she’s a fan!

Daddy Shows His Little Ladybug the giraffes

— 2 —

Gorillas and Giraffes

…but the big winner in the gift shop at the end of the day was a stuffed gorilla.  She admired the giraffe hat, but she had to choose just one and she went with the stuffed gorilla.  He now sleeps with her every night.  Given my work with both giraffes and gorillas; she really couldn’t have gone wrong with either choice.  Now, if she had chosen a chimpanzee, heaven forbid, then I would have had to intervene!

a new hat and a gorilla

— 3 —

Critter Kisses

Taking pictures of our little Ladybug at the zoo can be challenging; she keeps kissing the turtles and hugging the macaws!  Must to her dismay, I had to draw the line at riding the Aldabra tortoise.

hugging the macaw     smooches for the turtle


— 4 —

Onsie Love

The gift shop held wonders for Mama too!  This is by far the cutest onsie I have ever seen Smile  It has this adorable little penguin on the front and his belly is a little flap.  When you lift the flap there is a yellow fish inside.  We are too thrifty (OK cheap) to buy the actual onsie ($23!) so we took a picture.  Sometimes when times have been tough financially, my husband and have done the same thing with cards for each other – don’t tell Hallmark!

best onsie ever penguin collage

— 5 —

Praying with Gorillas

When we first arrived home, Ladybug informed us that the gorilla’s name was Jim.  No idea where she got that name.  The stuffed gorilla is now an important part of our day.  Last night, I said evening prayers with one hand holding Ladybug’s hand and the other holding the hand of a stuffed gorilla (whom I have now been informed is actually named Wonka, not Jim as previously thought…lol

— 6 —

Not My Finest Hour+

If you ever feel the need to test your mother’s love just strand her at a rest area in the middle of a national forest holding two children under the age of two while you freak out because you locked your keys in the van along with both cell phones and wallets……if she pats you on the back, tells you it will be OK, and doesn’t scream, then she loves you lots….that or you kidnapped my mom – thank God for my mom!!! Here’s hoping I never, never, never, ever do that again!!!

— 7 —

An Enchanted Anniversary

This past month, I celebrated writing for The Enchanted Home Schooling Mom for over a year.  Jill is a fantastic person and I love contributing to her site.  I write a series for Jill called Preparing to Home School.  So much fun to write!  She also has a ton of printables that she adds to continuously that are all available for the purchase price of just $15.  It’s hard to beat that.  I have an affiliate link, but I can’t find it right now….lol….just tell her I sent you – it will make me feel good Smile

Have a great week blogging friends!!!!




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